Men’s Breakfast

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Saturday, February 15 // 7:15am // Room 200

Guest Speaker: Ali Farhadi

Message Topic: Christian: Who are you?

ALL CAVmen are invited to come to CAV for breakfast at 7:30am. Meet some new guys, catch up with old friends, have some great food and fellowship.

About Ali:

Ali was born into a Muslim family in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  One of his earliest memories is mom and dad hurrying the entire family into the basement as Suddam Hussein bombed his hometown.  At a young age, Ali’s family left Iran and immigrated to America, settling in New York.  A child of two worlds, Ali I grew up in a Muslim household, while daily attending American public schools.  Despite a dual exposure to two worlds, Ali remained very proud of his Muslim faith, always viewing Christians and their Jesus through the dim lens of Islam.  He was adamantly sure, he would never become a Christian, secretly believing that Christians would eventually be conquered by Islam.  Ali’s biggest mistake was underestimating the God of the Bible.
God orchestrated a divine conspiracy of many witnesses in the life of Ali to bring him to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; Ali’s testimony is a tale of conquering love and Jesus’ relentless pursuit for the lost.