Church at Viera

For almost three decades, Church at Viera has been actively growing and equipping people to live the gospel and to share it throughout Brevard county. We have an amazing opportunity in front of us. Viera is growing fast – more and more families are moving into our back yard and the time to get ready for the next step of faith has come.

In Matthew 28, when Jesus gathered His disciples, He gave them a command that would cost them all they had and one that has been passed down to every follower of Jesus since that day. The command: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

This has been and will be the mission of the Church globally and locally and remains CAV’s mission to this very day:

To Be a Place of Grace Where Christ Changes Lives

God’s vision has been stirring the imagination of the people called Church at Viera for over 27 years. From the first dreamers who met in the Viera School Board building for Sunday worship and imagined a thriving, influential community when most of Viera was still farmland, to those who imagined moving CAV west of Interstate 95 to a location that would be at the heart of Viera’s future.

Our vision is to equip thousands to become influencers for Christ so that we can awaken tens of thousands to join Jesus on a life-changing journey.

One question drives much of our dreaming and planning

How is Church at Viera going to fulfill our vision to equip thousands of people to be influencers for Christ?


1) Recast CAV’s vision for everyone to become equipped as a faith-influencer.

This requires that we use clear, consistent and repeatable language to communicate and help people take ownership of the vision. This consistent language will be featured not only from the platform on weekends but also in every aspect of our ministry.

2) Equip our people to become faith-influencers.

This will require the creation of environments where the basics of the Christian faith are taught and caught by new Christ followers and other environments where believers like you are equipped to know your part in helping to fulfill the vision. Our systems and activities will need to be focused on specific goals that are aligned to the vision.

3) Be more strategic with the ministry space we currently have.

In order to effectively invite new people to follow Jesus and equip them to influence others, we will need to ensure that our processes for getting people connected at CAV are clear and easy to get through. It will be just as important that our Small Groups are environments where people can be developed into spiritual leaders and fully formed disciples that then can aid in making more disciples.

4) Increase capacity for Sunday worship services at optimum times.

Research shows that at 80% capacity an auditorium environment is already uncomfortably full for most attendees and especially guests. Our most popularly attended worship service is consistently hitting this mark and exceeding it. Having open seats at optimal times is not just a neat phrase, it is crucial to our continued growth. We don’t have room to grow.

We want you to join Jesus on this life-changing journey!

Imagine what it will look like for Brevard County to have tens of thousands of influencers for Christ active in the community. This is our vision and we are moving forward in faith.

We believe that the best way to expand capacity on our campus is to:

  1. Build a new building with a larger worship service environment on our undeveloped land (which we already own).
  2. Renovate our current building to develop more strategic Children’s, Student, and Adult ministry space.

In order to accomplish these goals, we will need to raise between $5 and $6 million over and above our regular giving for the objectives stated above.

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