Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have all been extremely powerful and catastrophic storms that have left many hurting, stranded, grieving and in need. Damage from these storms and subsequent flooding is widespread. It will take months, and in some areas years, to restore the affected areas to their former state. As a part of our mission to make disciples, specifically through gospel-centered service, we are called to respond. We are called to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of these people in crisis by praying, giving and using our resources and influence. It is an opportunity to show the love of Christ and live out the gospel to our world.

Here’s how you can get involved


  • Pray for the storms to abate and floodwaters to recede. Even the wind and the sea are obedient to our Lord (Mark 4:41).
  • Pray for the people who have had to evacuate their homes, especially those with nowhere to go. Pray for those unable to evacuate, who are stranded in their homes. Ask for the Lord’s provision for these people.
  • Pray for the first responders, National Guard, disaster relief volunteers and all others working to rescue those who are stranded, restore power to those without it, render aid to the injured and prevent as much damage as possible. Ask for safety and endurance for these men and women.
  • Pray for the grieving, those who have lost loved ones or suffered injuries, and those who have lost their homes. Ask the Lord to be their comfort and strength through the upcoming days, weeks and months.



  • Volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse. They are asking for thousands of volunteers over the next several months.
  • Reach out to your neighborhoods and organize your group to respond to the needs in your immediate proximity. This is the best way to create real relationships with those around you and influence them for the Gospel.