Please contact the church office at 321-259-3454, to let the staff know of your loss. We will set up a time to meet with you to discuss arrangements for the funeral or memorial service. It is expected that a pastor of Church at Viera will preside at the service. Requests for other arrangements must be pre-approved. Once the date and time of the service has been set, please be sure to notify your funeral director with the service information. 


The auditorium will accommodate approximately 550 guests and seating is arranged in three sections. Smaller sections may be roped off to give a more intimate setting. A private room is also available for the family if needed. 


Our Pastor of Worship Arts can offer suggestions on music selections and options. Should this service be desired, we can assist you with the arrangements. The use of CD music, pre-recorded accompaniments, or outside musicians may be used. Please make such arrangements in advance as music selections must be approved by Church at Viera and in the spirit of the service. 


Floral arrangements should be in place one hour before service time. If you would like to use candles during the service, please purchase quality non-drip candles. The church candelabras or pillars may be used upon advanced request. 


In most circumstances the funeral home will print cards with your loved one’s obituary that may be used for the service. If you would like to have a customized program, please let us know how we may assist you. 


Officiating Pastor - $125 
Accompanist - $100 
Soloist - $50 
Facilities - $75 
AV/Tech - $75 
Funeral Planner - $75 
Customized Bulletins - $10 per 50 

Separate checks payable to each individual performing services should be issued. Please contact Lisa MacFarland at 321-259-3454 for names and spellings. 


For a memorial service at the church, the casket is closed. A viewing prior to the service may be arranged upon request.

Families may choose to place a photograph of their loved one on an easel at the front of the auditorium. A photo collage may also be placed near the guest book, casket, or urn.

Decorations are the responsibility of the family and should be tasteful and minimal. Tables and black cloths will be provided. A round table with black cloth is also available for the guest book upon request. All decorations must be removed after the service.

Services by fraternal orders, lodges, veterans groups or other secular organizations should be limited to the funeral home or graveside. Please coordinate such requests with the pastor prior to the service.

Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the church property.